Our breeding program at Baden is focused on health, stability, and a dog’s capacity to work, not appearance or conformation. Even before our formal founding in 1974, we have zealously maintained our own bloodlines of German Shepherds’ Dogs, Dutch Shepherds’ Dogs, and Belgian Malinois. This meticulous process has allowed us to ensure consistency and predictability in our dogs’ genetics, temperaments, performance, and stability. We train and breed that which we know, which puts us in the unique position to better assist you in the selection of your dog. We do not import dogs from overseas and give evaluations based on just a few weeks of experience with a particular dog. Our evaluations come from assessing generations of tracked bloodlines tested every step of the way. Each puppy must prove his own merit and capacity for the work. He or she cannot rest easy on the accomplishments of their ancestors.

Our Guarantee

Our in-house breeding program enables us to help you find the perfect match and give you the guarantee that your Baden dog will be free from genetic defects. If your dog is diagnosed with any genetic issue during the course of his or her life, they will be replaced at no cost.

German Shepherd

Belgian Malinois

Dutch Shepherd


We are often asked how a family home protection dog will integrate into a specific family situation. Every family is different, but all have many moving parts. At the point the puppies are weaned the work begins. From birth, the puppies are surrounded by a plethora of different sights, sounds, and smells. Cats, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, and (of course) other dogs are kept on the facility to ensure that dogs are socialized to a variety of animals and won’t display unwanted animal aggression. Bulls are kept on property to ensure that the original herding instincts of the dogs are still present and strong. Formal training begins at five weeks of age. This is the perfect time to build a strong foundation for the more advanced training to come and allows us to see the puppies’ development and unique personalities. From this point forward, the dogs have frequent interaction with children of varying ages, from infants to teenagers, throughout their life so that they are prepared for whatever their future homes might hold. Before we place a Baden dog with a client's family, it spends time in our homes, with our family. For us to say that a dog is "good with kids", it must have lived with and spent meaningful time with our children.

Training Philosophy

Loyal, Stable, Capable

The dog is unique among all animals in that it is the only creature to voluntarily leave its own kind to take up with man. It is through this unique bond with man that high levels of communication and work are possible. A dog does not need a clicker, a treat, a toy, or an e-collar to be obedient. All it needs is open, honest, and clear verbal communication from its handler. Verbal direction, verbal praise, verbal correction, and a lead are all that is needed to work effectively with a Baden dog.Treats and toys just interfere with the bond and train the dog to look for an intermediary or a bribe, rather than their handler.

Clear communication and real world necessity serve as the basis for our training philosophy. Our clients, whether family, law enforcement, or military, need their dogs to perform when it counts. Dogs trained in sporting disciplines excel at playing their respective games. The fatal flaw in attempting to use these dogs as true working and protection dogs is that there are no rules when there is genuine need for performance. A sporting dog cannot win a game it has never played. Your family’s safety is not a game.

At Baden K9, all of the training is focused on stability, obedience, and real-world stress. Obedience training is more than sit, stay, and come. Everything we ask of our dogs is a form of obedience. Whether we ask the dog to track, protect, or climb, the dog is obeying your command. There is no separation in anything we choose to do with our dog. Protection work does not exist independently. It is all obedience. True obedience is accomplished via incremental application of real-world stress throughout the training process. Every situation a working dog will encounter cannot be simulated in training. Acclimating your dogs to stress throughout the training process though will ensure they are prepared for the tasks that lie ahead.

A Baden dogs’ natural instincts and abilities are fine-tuned and enhanced by the training process, rather than repressed or trained out of them. Many people ask “How do you teach the dog to bite?” or “Will the dog bite someone they’re not supposed to?”. The truth is that all dogs bite, and are born knowing how to bite. Properly training a dog simply teaches the dog when it is correct and just to do so. This real-world training, in combination with the controlled breeding program, leads to a stable, social, and exceedingly capable dog that will stay obedient even in the face of stress. The “on/off switch” is just as important as any of the dog’s other capabilities, because it prevents the dog from becoming a liability to you, your unit, your department, and your family. A properly bred, raised, and trained dog is a pleasure to own and will provide great peace of mind concerning the safety of you and your family.

Training Levels


From time to time, we make a few puppies from a litter available for purchase. We recognize that not all families need a fully trained Family Home Protection Dog, and that some are just looking for a loyal companion with a good temperament, stable disposition, and flawless genetics. Like our trained dogs, our puppies come with a Genetic Guarantee. Puppy pricing starts at $5,000 USD.

Obedience Trained

In the rare instances when puppies are made available for purchase, we offer the service of delivering the dog obedience trained. An obedience will sit, lay down, stay, and come when called. It will also be house-broken, crate trained, walk on a leash. Pricing for Obedience Trained dogs starts at $8,500 USD.

Civilian Green Dog

Typically reserved for military units and police departments, a “Green Dog” is a dog trained in obedience that has begun basic protection work and has been imprinted with introductory detection work. Though not a finished product, a “Green Dog” has a strong foundation built for continuing education and is the perfect solution for many government and private applications. Civilian Green Dogs start at $10,500 USD.

Family Home Protection Dog

A Baden Family Home Protection Dog is a loyal, stable, and capable member of the family. It will be fully obedient, socialized with other animals, house-broken, crate trained, and stable around children. It will also be proficient in protecting against multiple assailants, moving in cars and airplanes, dealing with armed attackers, and tracking. All Baden Family Home Protection Dogs come with a 5-day training package at one of our facilities or one of your locations. This training package consists of two parts. The first is an initial embedding process of two to three days. The second is a continuing education phase that takes place within the first year, after you have fully bonded with your dog. Baden Family Home Protection Dogs start at $30,000 USD.