Our Breeds

We focus on three breeds of dogs at Baden K-9: German Shepherds' Dogs, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. While members of a given breed will share characteristics, every dog, like every person, has a unique personality. Though beautiful, our dogs are bred for performance and not appearance. As such, you will not find any Baden dogs registered in the AKC.

  • Baden K-9 has the oldest continuous working lines of German Shepherds' dogs in existence today. The Baden German Shepherds' Dog is a noble breed. They remain strong in their original herding instincts, which accounts for their stability and health. This herding instinct is tested regularly with German Shepherds' Dog puppies. Contrary to popular belief, the German Shepherds' Dog breed consists of three unique frame sizes and a variety of colorations, including black & tan, red and black, blonde, and all black. Calm and loyal, the Baden German Shepherds' Dog quickly becomes a valued member of a family. Confident in his abilities and naturally suspicious of strangers, a Baden German Shepherds' Dog is the consummate companion, playmate, and protector.

  • This breed originates in Belgium and is most noted for its cat like agility, high energy, and quick response to any form of training. Incredibly teachable and eager to please, the Malinois has been part of Baden’s breeding program for more than 40 years. We maintain a strict standards for their ability, stability and health. These dogs, like all of the Baden dogs, make good family pets due to their stability, and their capacity for work cannot be rivaled.

  • Originating in Holland, this is a very old breed of dog that is incredibly loyal and eager to please. For over 40 years Baden has kept, bred and worked this breed. It is in keeping it to its original ability to herd and work that makes the Baden Dutch Shepherds' dog true to its origins. The Baden Dutch Shepherds' dogs are loyal in their desire to serve the family. Their brindle coat adds to this dog’s noble appearance and serves as a form of natural camouflage.

The Purchase Process


Bringing a family home protection dog into your home is an incredibly personal process. Each home and family is unique. Each dog is also a unique individual. The first step is communicating your preferences, lifestyle details, and protection needs. We’ll then make suggestions based on this information and introduce you to specific dogs that we think we will be a good fit by sending videos and photos.


Though photos and videos are great. Nothing quite compares to meeting and interacting with a dog in person. Not all clients find this step necessary, and are comfortable making a choice based on photos and video, but we encourage this step when feasible. We’re happy to arrange a visit at our Canadian or US facility and can even travel to your location in special circumstances with a group of dogs, after a deposit is made.


This is the most important step in the process. Your Baden dog will become a part of your life and family for years to come. We will guide you through the training process and help you seamlessly integrate your new dog into your lifestyle. Though the final part of the purchase process, this is just the beginning of a new journey and an introduction to what what true peace of mind feels like.