Company Profile

Baden has been in the business of breeding, raising, and training working dogs for 42 years and counting. We are completely committed to providing the most capable and stable working service dogs in the world. Whether purchasing a dog for family home protection, law enforcement, or military purpose, every client is treated with the same degree of professionalism and attentiveness.

Every person, every family, and every dog is different. We work with you to find the perfect fit for your particular family dynamic and situation. Our breeding, training, and embedding programs focus on stability and obedience under stress. Open and honest communication between the dog and handler, unencumbered by treats or toys, is the the foundation for this philosophy.

Baden's dogs have served for years with great success as working dogs for soldiers and law enforcement officers, guides for the blind and disabled, protectors for victims of violent crimes, guardians of homes and businesses, companions, and vital family members. Though we have many dogs admirably serving families, military units, and police departments worldwide, our focus is on serving North America. Our two North American facilities, located in Ontario, Canada and Orlando, Florida respectively, allow us to integrate and service K-9 solutions across the continent.

Services & Programs CLASS CALENDAR

Public Classes

We host regular weekly classes at our Ontario, Canada facility with a variety of focuses: basic obedience, protection work, overland tracking, etc. We also host seminars and classes at our Orlando, FL facility. Regardless of location or class topic, the common theme in all Baden K-9 classes is the maintenance and continued development of clear communication between dog and handler, fine-tuned obedience under stress, and stability around other dogs and people.

Overcoming Dog Aggression

A truly aggressive dog can be a danger to all who come into contact with it. That said, we find that the majority of the dogs brought in as “aggressive dogs” are not truly aggressive, but have not yet been taught to behave or been communicated with properly. We pride ourselves on being able to work with clients to overcome dog aggression and develop a safer more enjoyable relationship with their dog. Stability and communication serve as the basis for all of our training.

Search & Rescue Classes

We offer a variety of standardized and customizable Search & Rescue classes. From basic man tracking to off-lead grid-based search tactics and K9-Handler rappelling, we are able to serve the needs of the client. Training is done in all weather conditions, in a variety of environments (brush, swamp, fields, urban areas, etc.), and across varying surfaces in order to best prepare the professional for what lies ahead.

Executive Team Building

We’ve hosted Executive Team Building events for a number of companies (large and small) at Baden K-9 over the years. We’d be happy to work with you to design a unique team building experience that will foster cooperation and necessarily lead to the development of higher levels of cooperation.

Some of our clients:

Once Upon a Time - Boys Camp

Every year, Baden K-9 hosts a one week youth leadership camp called "Once Upon A Time". This camp is based on Christian teachings and values. At the beginning of the week, each camper is issued a puppy to work with, for which they will be responsible for the duration. They are introduced to dog handling, wood-lore, compass and map reading, fishing, and rappelling by the Baden team and a supplemental cadre of active and retired military personnel.